Can Money be Made With Instagram?

In case some of you were wondering the importance of having a strong social following, I think this video will make your jaw drop when you hear the amount of cash that some people are making with their Instagram accounts. In this is why as a business owner you can’t take the importance of building your online followers for granted.

Even for your own business’ benefit, having a strong and active following is free advertising that you can get by simply taking a picture of a product and posting it.

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Improving Your Business’ Online Reviews

In today’s world online reviews hold a great deal of importance.The more negative remarks, comments, and mentions you get on the Internet, the worse your reputation becomes. This is an important correlation, since your reputation is one of the factors new customers look at when deciding where to take their business. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes for a minute… if you are searching online for a local business, which business would you be more likely to contact, one with positive reviews or one with negative reviews?

Here’s a video with some helpful pointers on how to manage your online reputation. Definitely something any business shouldn’t take likely.